Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dustin Martin Launches Bonds Killer Undies Campaign

Dustin Martin transforms into a 3D video game gladiator for BONDS new Tech “Trunk ‘Killer Undies’ campaign.


Showcasing Dusty’s agility and power as the champion gladiator, Dustin battles through the video game in a CGI world, destroying advancing warriors and utilising his famous ‘Don’t Argue” fend, powered by his Tech Trunks.

“Being a computer game gladiator for a day was great, I got to run at full speed, smashing warriors and sending them flying into the air, it was awesome…. Not sure I’d want to be a stunt guy...those guys work hard” said Dustin Martin.



The new BONDS Tech trunk range launches this week, designed in collaboration with Dustin, the trunks have been engineered to enhance the everyday.

Including advanced quick-dry technology, innovative waist band and breathable mesh panels. The range features two hero styles, including a regular and long-leg trunk.

“When I started with Bonds late last year, we talked about creating the perfect sport underwear. Sitting down with the design team, we looked at the features I’d want in a pair of trunks. It was a great process, I enjoyed working with the designers and am really happy with how the Tech trunk turned out.”

“They keep me cool and comfy without bunching or budging. Nobody’s got time for that; especially when you’re playing in front of millions,” said Dustin Martin.

Emily Small, BONDS head of Marketing said, “Dustin’s contribution had helped us deliver a new and elevated product with real sporting pedigree. On or off the field it is a stylish, functional addition to the underwear drawer”.

The men’s Tech” Trunk underwear collection is available for purchase in-store and online on from August 12.




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