Wednesday, September 06, 2017

IWillBeMe with Ella Bache



Ella Baché’s 28 Days SkinFit Program


Ella Baché has launched their #IWillBeMe campaign, encouraging Australians to find confidence in their own skin. Through their 28 Days to Skin Fit Program, #IWillBeMe is focused on empowering women to love and display their whole selves. Ella Baché believes it’s not just about how you show your skin, it’s what you do in it that matters. Ella Baché believes every Australian is unique and beautiful in their own way which is why they’re encouraging Aussies to take part in #IWillBeMe campaign.

The #IWillBeMe campaign focuses on an Ella Baché 28-day Skin Fit challenge, encouraging inner and outer health. 28 days is the length of time it takes for skin cells to rejuvenate which is why Ella Baché are launching a Spring ‘28-Day SkinFit’ program.

“#IWillBeMe campaign is about empowering Australians to be confident in their own skin. The 28-day skin fit program will allow customers to join us on a journey to skin health. We want Australian’s to share the best versions of themselves which is why we’re also encouraging them to share their story on social media.” Says Pippa Hallas, Ella Baché’s CEO.

Ella Baché’s #IWillBeMe campaign stars Australian actress Madeleine Madden, Arabella Peterson of The Ladies Network and model Zoe Cross. Together these three Australian beauties signify the underlying themes of Ella Baché’s campaign, championing self-acceptance and a celebration of skin.

Excited to be announced as the faces of the #IWillBeMe campaign, these three talents are all carving their way in the world of arts and fashion, whilst at the same time finding confidence in their own skin.




Madeleine Madden is an Australian actress best known for her roles Ready for This and the critically acclaimed Redfern Now. Madeleine began acting when she was just 8 years old and has worked with the likes of Christina Ricci and Deborah Mailman. Most recently she joined acting series Picnic at Hanging Rock as well as having just been announced as cast member of a new TV series set in The Kimberleys called Mystery Road. Throughout her career, Madeleine has been incredibly honest, even admitting that there’s been moments where pressures in her life and performance anxiety has really gotten to her.






Thanks to her charming good looks and sparkling charisma, Zoe Cross is taking the social media world by storm. The Australian model and blogger, keeps her followers in constant admiration, showing off her vibrant personality and fondness for chic and sexy style on her website Growing up with 4 older brothers, she’s a self-confessed ‘bogan chic’ who is comfortable in her own skin. Zoe grew up in a surfie culture on the Gold Coast and now counts Australian surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore as one of her closest friends. She also has a fondness for switching her phone off and spending the entire day surfing, removing herself from the society’s pressures and getting at one with nature/






Arabella Peterson runs The Ladies Network which is a multi-platform agency for female identifying and gender-fluid creatives. The Ladies Network organise events that support and recognise the creative contribution of women in the areas of art, music, business and design. Arabella is known as a strong voice for sexism, ageism, objectification, body shaming, mental health stigmas and gender stereotypes. Whilst she is no doubt physically beautiful, she’s also extremely intelligent and fast becoming a role model for young women.





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