Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tonight Makes Tomorrow

Sheridan and Australia’s most talented overachievers share one thing in common, the relentless pursuit to perform at their best.

They know that to perform better, you need to prepare better. Setting yourself up for success tomorrow, means spending quality time the night before.

Sheridan’s new campaign - Tonight Makes Tomorrow - takes us into the intimate world of a selection of Australia’s most unique talents, to see how they prepare for tomorrow and how Sheridan sheets play a major role.

Sheridan understands that a quality night’s sleep starts with quality sheets – making for a successful tomorrow. Success is found in the details – it’s in the weave, the artistry, the craftsmanship. Sheridan ranges the largest collection of sheeting in Australia, so no matter what your sleeping preference, they have you covered.

Our Tomorrow Makers, an eclectic group of inspiring people from the worlds of fashion, sport, art and television have invited us to peer into their lives and see how they prepare to achieve their ambitious goals.

Rising stars, indigenous artist and surfer Otis Carey and fitness entrepreneur Steph Claire Smith are joined by recently married and proud new parents, singer Sam Margin (‘The Rubens’) and international model Rosie Tupper, along with SBS veteran and cult icon Lee Lin Chin.

Lee Lin Chin says, “I like to prepare for my tomorrow by unplugging my phone and re-reading the complete works of Shakespeare. However, it’s absurdly important for me to have a beautiful bed to have a great night’s sleep, it allows you to attack tomorrow with a bit more oomph.”

Their routines were more surprising than most would assume. Lee Lin stays balanced by reading Shakespeare for an hour in bed every evening, ahead of waking up early each morning for yoga. And Otis switches off his phone at 6pm, leaving it in the kitchen drawer, before prioritising family time with son Lenny, so he can rise early to surf.


Sheridan’s commitment to quality, sourcing only the finest quality fibres, expert craftsmanship and rigorous testing standards, means their sheets outperform their competitors. At their Quality Control facilities in Adelaide, each sheet is test washed 100 times – compared to the industry standard of three – before bringing it to market.

Group General Manager of Sheridan Paul Gould says “At Sheridan, quality is our obsession – it’s like the mainline vein that has run throughout the Sheridan business for over 50 years.”

“We believe in setting the highest standard for a quality night’s sleep. This campaign aligns our ethos of innovation with some of Australia’s most driven and inspiring individuals.”

Sheridan has been creating premium quality home and lifestyle products for over 50 years, loved as an icon of distinctly Australian style.

Sheridan sheets are available online at sheridan.com.au, Sheridan boutiques, David Jones and other speciality retailers.



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