Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Bonnie's Food + Wine at BBPB, the natural wine bar in a bar

Bondi Beach Public bar has opened its very own wine bar, Bonnie’s Wine & Food. Just in time for the upcoming Bondi summer,
Bonnie’s is a simple, relaxed, fun wine bar where the producers are the heroes

“Bonnie’s is based on an Italian enoteca with a strong Australian accent. It’s a place were you can share wine by the glass or by bottle while enjoying a small snack or share a few plates in an intimate space at the back of Bondi Beach Public Bar.
It’s low-key, less like a serious wine bar and more like a relaxed party, we are in Bondi Beach after all.” – Maurice Terzini

After successfully road testing the intimate space in hosting a 7-night residency by Philadelphia’s Beddia Pizzeria, cooking what Bon Appétit Magazine claimed as “the best pizza in the USA,” the team knew Bondi would love to enjoy this fun venue within a venue all summer long.

Bonnie's wine list isn't written for sommeliers, it's a wine list crafted for Bondi, for people to come in and understand a little more about the people and places it was produced. It's real wine, farmed from real people locally, sustainably and naturally.

You’re not here just to navigate an eclectic collection of hard-to-find real wines from cult growers. You’re here to have fun and understand a little more about some great Australian producers with a few off-list offerings from further afield. All served chilled.” – James Hird, Head Sommelier

The list will feature a number of wines from no more than 4 to 5 Australian producers at any one time and will change when new releases are available to tell new stories, a great way to showcase specific wine makers and regions.


Owen Latta is one such producer on the opening list. Bonnie’s will be pouring his Nebbiolo Rose and an Orange wine, giving the drinker a glimpse into the producer’s patch of earth. It’s an easy, accessible way to understand wine. All Bonnie’s wines will be served chilled to specific temperatures, perfect for those balmy Bondi nights.

More refreshing drinks come in the form of the Aperitivi classics. The menu features drinks like the Negroni Sbagialto and the Pony Club, our takes on traditional Italian bar drinks plus a few types of Spritz and some of Terzini’s signature numbered drinks. Finally, Bonnie’s will feature a unique collaboration with Melbourne’s Bar Americano called the Antica Fashionita x Ten Pieces. This drink dedicated by Americano’s Matthew Bax to Terzini’s fashion label Ten Pieces, is a bourbon-based tippler enriched with house Amaro Americano after idling with local & Mediterranean fruits, herbs and spices.

The menu of snacks and share plates will be constantly evolving. On offer is a suite of light dishes as snacks with wine, which when ordered in volume becomes a fund dinner to share. Opening classics by Chef Monty Koludrovic include grilled Sardines with Salsa Verde, Marinated Tuna with Peppers, Shallots, Lemon, Salami, Parsley and Fennel, Calamari St Andrea and Meatballs Calabrese. Bonnie’s take on Pizza, our Pizza Fritta in red, white or green will also provide that fluffy, light and crispy snack to pair perfectly with wine. All dishes are served on traditional silver plates; in fact, if it didn’t fit on the tray, it didn’t make the menu.


Artistic contribution has always been an important part of a venue to the team, and Bonnie’s is no exception. Local artist Brett Chan has provided some needed fun on the Bonnie’s walls with his installation in the style of “future primitive”, inspired by a summer-time entitled “Nebula Haze”. The art in the room is designed to change often and will also feature another installation by artist Matthew Bax in coming months. On the music front, Bonnies is entrusting friend and collaborator Carly from Picnic, a well-known Sydney DJ and party promoter, to provide the eclectic soundtrack mixing an intersection of funky post punk, 80s, hip hop and some straight up classic disco.



150 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach (Inside Bondi Beach Public Bar)

Open: Wednesday – Sunday from 6pm.
Book: Everyday from 3pm by calling #02 8090 6972 or email realwine@bonniesbondi.com





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