Saturday, February 01, 2020

AT HOME WITH SHERIDAN- Steve Cordony And Michael Booth

There’s really no one measure of success in a relationship. However, a 10-year anniversary is certainly something to celebrate. March 2020 marked a decade of love for top Sydney interior stylist, Steve Cordony and his partner, Michael Booth.While the Sydney power couple aren’t ones to fall into the clichés of Valentine’s Day, they made an exception this year and basked in the success of their long-standing relationship.

We sat down with Steve and Michael in their Tamarama home; a humble city apartment, unsurprisingly styled to the nines by Steve himself with Sheridan’s AW20 Collection. We felt inspired by the space, but the couple swears the apartment is simply a side hustle for mid-week workdays, second only to their dream home- a seven-bedroom country style property in Orange that the two are currently renovating.

Steve and Michael live an adventure-filled life, and while one would assume their dreams for the future are career driven, their main goal is one that signifies love in its truest form- to live a simpler life together, away from the hustle and bustle. The drought created a minor setback for the two, but when the time is right, they’ll pack their bags and escape to 'the farm' for good.



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