Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The RAW Research collection is born from G-Star’s internal innovation laboratory, developed and led by creative consultant Aitor Throup, and located at the brand’s Amsterdam HQ. Focused on experimenting with product design by clashing tradition and innovation, the laboratory symbolises an endeavor to find new ways of crafting denim through the process of exploration, curiosity and experimentation.

The resulting first RAW Research collection explores the two polar opposite states in the life of a denim garment, using the same Italian selvedge denim fabric for every single piece. On one extreme: rigid, untreated raw denim, on the other: bleached-white denim where only a hint of indigo remains.

The 20-piece collection includes a bleached version of the Rackam 3D tapered jeans and the Rackam bomber, a jacket that can be taken off yet remain attached to the body through an innovative strapping system.

For RAW Research, Throup led the team through a process based largely in experimentation and exploration. He has been collaborating with G-Star on a range of projects and collections since 2014, including developing the concept behind London’s Oxford Street flagship, art directing several major advertising campaigns and designing the brand’s newest 3D Denim style, the Staq.

“I first started working with G-Star because I recognised that a big part of their success had resulted from taking risks and challenging the conventions of denim. After collaborating in a brand-wide capacity for a couple of years, we took a mutual and logical decision to set up a research and innovation lab within the company; with its own dedicated team of specialists focused on researching new possibilities for denim and denim-related products. We call this lab 'G-Star RAW Research'.


Thursday, April 21, 2016



To celebrate the 20th anniversary of G-Star’s iconic Elwood 5620 jeans, G-Star RAW Australia collaborated with influential producer and photographer Ta-ku & world- renowned street artist Anthony Lister.

The Elwood 5620 jean first came to life when head designer Pierre Morisset found inspiration in a passing motorcyclist in the South of France in 1996. 20 years on, the G-Star Elwood 5620 continues to represent the core of the brand's DNA, a symbol of innovation as the first design using the 3D denim method of construction.

Held at China Heights in Surry Hills, RAW Collaborations showcased the result of Ta-ku and Lister’s creative and collaborative process. With over 400 attendees, RAW Collaborations was the ideal way to kick off the celebrations for the Elwood’s 20th anniversary and celebration denim culture in Australia.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Morgan McGlone takes his residency as Culinary Curator at Harpoon Harry to the next level launching the upstairs Dining Room on Wednesday April 20th at 6pm.

The Dining Room is a representation of McGlone’s considerable experience with Southern American flavours, drawing on his time in the kitchens of Sean Brock’s HUSK in Charleston and Nashville. A passion point for McGlone is his smoking, BBQ and in-house pickling and fermenting programs which is evident throughout the menu.

McGlone wants to reestablish the Dining Room as the heart and soul of the heritage listed building. He is a big believer in late night hospitality, catering to casual diners and late night drop-ins. The approach is a relaxed Dining Room experience, with a menu designed to work as any combination.

“I’m not a massive share plate fan but I like that you can get a few different dishes; people might share a couple of entrees like the Fraser Island Crab Ravigote, Pickled Green Tomato, Endive or Beef Tartare with Smoked Oyster, followed by the Steak Dinner For Two and a dessert. Or some might just want to order all sides with and have a glass of wine and that’s great,” said McGlone.

Chef’s recommendations from the Dining Room include roasted Cloudy Bay Storm Claims with Green Garlic Butter and Bottarga, and Riverine Pork Chop with Five Hour Cabbage and Sauce Gastrique.

“The pork chop is brushed with a gastrique sauce of sorbent smoked pork stock and aromas, and grilled over cherry wood and iron bark. This dish is really about wood and meat flavour’s. The Cabbage is blanched and put on top of the grill for five hours, basting it with apple cider vinegar and turning every thirty minutes. We also have some cabbage ferment in there; this is where the sourness comes from. It’s a really funky flavour!”

The dessert menu is a simple choice of three classics; Fried Apple Pie with Cinnaoon Ice Cream, Chocolate Napoleon and McGlone’s take on Chess Pie.

“It’s my homage to my first pastry chef in Nashville, Lisa Donovan. Her chess pie is still the best I’ve had. It’s sweet pie of buttermilk egg custard with a classic lard casing that’s baked at a low temperature. It’s just so cool and simple.”

To complement the dining experience, Morgan’s good mate James Hird has curated the drinks list. James said the drinks list, although considered, is fun and built around the menu.

“Having spent time with Morgan in South Carolina, it was apparent that whiskey and beer where intrinsically linked to low country cooking. I really liked the idea to work a strong range of whiskey into the list as it really enhances the drinks program.”

The wine list reflects the south and both Morgan and James’ passion for wines made by sustainable growers. James said all the wines have strong natural acidity and brightness.

“If we ended up with 9 of one varietal it would not have bothered me as each wine reflects the place and farmers who made them and was listed for drinkability with Morgan’s food.”

To round out the Southern experience James has also introduced an after dinner bourbon trolley which will feature a rare Bourbon from Kentucky, Pappy Van Winkle.

Patrons are encouraged to enjoy the complete Harpoon Harry Level 1 experience, beginning with a pre dinner cocktail on the open-air terrace, followed by dinner in the Dining Room and a late night drink in the lounge. The kitchen is open for service until 11.00pm (ish), with the venue open through till 3am.


Dining Room booking Phone 02 8262 800 and online at

For large group bookings please email


Hotel Harry - Ground Floor Public Bar and Level 1 Dining Room

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