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On the 28th of February one of the best bars in the world opens in Surry Hills.

In less than two weeks, Matt Whiley of Scout (London) will open a second outpost of his lauded drinking den in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

The European bartender of the year was looking for an opportunity to spread his wings and after working with Maurice Terzini for the first time, bringing Scout to Icebergs Dining Room for a one-day event last year, Matt found his opportunity to bring his award-winning drinks and bar to Sydney.

“I have a particular take on cocktails where I like to blur the lines of what a drink can be. I'm really excited to share this with the Australian industry and community” says Scout creator Matt Whiley.

Scout Sydney will be part science laboratory part bar. Like it’s London counterpart, it will feature a purpose-built laboratory (an Australian first) where Matt & team will concoct their drinks lists, combining Matt’s love for Australian produce (‘some of the best in the world’ according to Matt) and his passion for drinks.

“I’ve been distilling a host of things like Pepperbery, Strawberry gum, watermelon, wattle seed and wax leaf. We will also feature our home-made fruit wines which we’ve become famous for in London, something which I have developed over the last 5 years.”

Whiley has assembled a crack bar team for his Sydney branch. Calling back on teammates from his London outpost and recruiting some new Australian talent, the Scout team will deliver a unique service experience, with a tip to European hospitality putting the focus back on the drinker.

“The lab at scout will feature state of the art equipment that we use each day for all cocktails”, says Matt, hoping to foster Scout’s approach to drinking amongst emerging bar talent in Australia, “I want the bar and laboratory to be a training ground for Australian bartenders.”

The food will feature a menu by Monty Koludrovic, inspired by Scout’s drinks menu and ethos and will continue to change and evolve in line with the drinks menu. Dishes will be simple and refined, a modern take on bar snacks and finger food. The space will feature a unique entrance way, its own distinct look and feel, with every aspect of the build having been meticulously poured over by Whiley and his builders.


“Matthew is a highly motivated individual that has an incredible commitment to his craft. He has done what I am always trying to achieve in my career; respected the traditions, but created his own. His approach to the new modern cocktail is inspirational to say the least.”– Maurice Terzini.

Where: Scout Sydney, Level 2, 412 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010



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