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Oct 31 2014


Trail-blazed by non other than the queen herself, Beyonce, Flash Tattoos have come leaps and bounds since they were founded in mid-2013 by designer and creative director, Australian-born Miranda Burnet. 

These original, innovative, jewellery-inspired temporary tattoos are quickly gaining momentum on a global scale and are a favourite amongst beach babes, festival-goers, fashionistas and celebrities. They're also the newest addition to ARC's client list!

We recently sat down with Miranda and got the low-down on the Flash Tat trend. 

ARC: Flash Tattoo's obviously have a strong celebrity following, which celebrity would you love to see rocking Flash Tattoo's?

Miranda: Obviously Beyonce is a huge one! But we recently did a collaboration with Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars where we replicated his real tattoos and they look fantastic!

ARC: What are your tips for turning a passion into a thriving business?

Miranda: I think being passionate about all things creative is the most important tip. I started a degree in design and was working in architecture and furniture design which is very different to what I'm doing now, but it didn't matter as long as I was in a creative field. I don't think you should take the traditional path, and I also believe that your creativity should be more important than just trying to make money - you will reap the benefits later.

ARC: What's your favourite Flash Tattoo style? 

Miranda: My favourite style is Sheebani. It's really special to me as 5% of proceeds from the sale of this style go to the Miracle Foundation. I recently spent some time in India with the foundation at the orphanage where the girl Sheebani is named after comes from. It's been such a gift and an honour to work with the Miracle Foundation.

ARC: As it is Halloween today, do you have any tips on how to use Flash Tattoo's in a costume?

Miranda: There are plenty of ways you can use Flash Tattoo's this Halloween! Cleopatra, Pocahontas, a fairy princess or a mermaid all come to mind!

ARC: What's next for you?

Miranda: Whether it be new designs, colours or collaborations with artists, musicians or charities, it's all about coming up with something fresh and different.